Dancing at Balaharas

Balaharas is a famous (or is it infamous?) club in the Bod Town district. Grace Donner first encountered it in Port Casper:

The intersection was a nighttime hot spot in Bod. On the southeast corner sat Balaharas, an exclusive club where ambitious sheep rubbed shoulders with the wealthy and dangerous. Grace heard that protectors frequented the place, in pursuit of valuable and illicit knowledge. Raj liked it for its zucchini fries. Zucchini fries! He didn’t see things the way a protector would, and that was the problem.

But beyond the simple description, Balaharas has a sound, a vibe. Have a listen to what denizens of Bod hear as they pass by:

Of course, other protectors aren't as open-minded as Grace. Here is Protector Stacey's encounter in PodPooch:

Ignoring the shouts from across the street, he turned toward the pulsating neon of Balaharas, the club on the other side of the rhombus. The first story was stucco; the next two stories were made of cruiser glass fragments and roider parts. On top was a red structure that leaned at an angle off plumb. Like Bod Town, it was warped.

He walked up its five glass steps, passing between granite pillars that were probably mimic fabric disguising structural concrete. A laser danced across his body and the copper doors opened.

Balaharas was silent except for a koto plucked somewhere deep inside the club. A robot approached from a dark alcove and stopped to his right, hovering. It was a modified sentry loafer, plated in gold and sporting a bow tie that somebody had wrapped around the top of its central cylinder.

“Protector Stacey, welcome again. Suite B-4 awaits you.”