Woman With Quadriplegia Feeds Herself Chocolate Using Mind-Controlled Robot Arm

JanSmilesAtBarIn the fictional world of Port Casper, Grace Donner is taken aback when she first sees Raj Chanho manipulate his artificial left arm. It is wonderful to see this patient feed herself using a robotic arm!

Reaching out to “high five” someone, grasping and moving objects of different shapes and sizes, feeding herself dark chocolate. For Jan Scheuermann and a team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and UPMC, accomplishing these seemingly ordinary tasks demonstrated for the first time that a person with longstanding quadriplegia can maneuver a mind-controlled, human-like robot arm in seven dimensions (7D) to consistently perform many of the natural and complex motions of everyday life.

Read more at UPMC. Watch the video of the brain-machine interface.