War of the Worlds Audiobook

One of my favorite Librivox recordings. The narrator does a superb job.

War of the Worlds by Herbert George Wells (H.G. Wells) was published in 1898 at a time when he wrote a series of novels related to a number of historical events of the time. The most important of these was the unification and militarization of Germany. The story, written in a semi-documentary style, is told in the first person by an unnamed observer. It tells of the events which happen mostly in London and the county of Surrey, England, when a number of vessels manned by aliens are fired from Mars and land on Earth. (Summary by Rebecca, Librivox.)

This public domain Librivox recording is from April 9, 2006.

You can download a zip file of MP3s here. For further options, visit the Internet Archive or Librivox.

The ebook version is available via Project Gutenberg here.