Corey Ostman

Corey grew up in Southern California with two loving parents, two dogs, two rabbits and many cats. He found nirvana in 1979 by bubbling Hollerith cards in FORTRAN and sending them to the LAUSD mainframe computer for subsequent compilation. He published his first commercial software in 1983 with the release of Gold Fever for the VIC-20.

He attended the University of California, Irvine, graduating with a BSME in 1988. His engineering career has exposed him to F/A-18 flight simulators, mass transit control systems, financial markets and retail.

A serial entrepreneur, he started his first company in 1982 (Interesting Software), an initial public offering analytics firm with his wife in 1996 (Alert-IPO!) and tackled comparison shopping with a group of friends in 1999 (Pricegrabber).

Corey married Nenita in 1995 and they have one son. They live in New Hampshire where they enjoy their summer gardens and their winter snow. Corey’s hobbies include piano, accordion, and skunking Nenita at cribbage.

Corey and Justin have been friends since 1978.